RISE – 30 DAY Mens Challenge

As men we’re under a lot of pressure, at work and at home. Whether you’re single, a father with kids at home, married with no kids at home, divorced or widowed, we all need help balancing the demands of each day. But not only that, we’re supposed to be living life to the full, and finding joy even amidst the grind of work and family life.

We want to personally invite you to take a 30-Day Challenge with us and the men of St. Thomas Aquinas called RISE. It only takes about 5 minutes each morning, but it will give you the tools you need to take your life and relationships to the next level

The RISE: 30 Day Challenge is a powerful video series delivered right to your email and only takes about 5 minutes each morning and is followed up with a simple challenge for the day.

The investment of $1/day in yourself and your family is priceless.

Just register with Deacon Ed or Deacon Dave or click the button below.

There is an optional group meeting each week and we have different days you can choose from.

The optional meetings to choose from are:

Starting Thursday March 21 at 7pm with Deacon Ed
Starting Saturday March 28 at 7AM with Deacon Dave & Deacon Ed

Get your bothers, sons, fathers to join you in this lenten challenge

Rise Challenge

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